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Leaky Faucet

Leaky Faucet

Leaks from your trusty faucets can be pretty harmless. Of course, it’s something that isn’t noticeable at first. However, a leaky faucet can eventually add up to your monthly water bill and you’ll just be surprised by how much it has increased just because you failed to see the real glitch. While you can personally fix a leaking faucet through a little DIY, you might not have the keen eye to locate the actual issue of the problem. At La Porte Local Plumber, we can efficiently determine what causes the leak and where the leak really comes from – all within a very competitive rate.

Leaks are easy to take notice of. A continuous dripping from a closed spout, for instance, is a sure sign that there’s some leaking going on. But what if it’s just a tiny part of an even bigger picture? Leaks can actually occur on whatever part of the faucet or pipe. Here’s what you need to look out for:

There’s water seeping around the faucet base. When the problem involves the base of the faucet, it wouldn’t be as obvious at first. However, if you’ve been noticing water puddles around the faucet even after you have turned off the faucet, the leaking problem could be coming from the base itself. Normally, base leaks are caused by a damaged O-ring which basically seals the body of the faucet. Once it has become all worn out or broken, water can get into the body and out of the faucet’s bottom part.

There’s water leaking from the faucet spout. The most obvious of all leaking spots, a leak from the spout can be spotted when the faucet still continues to drip despite being turned off. You may have already addressed this issue by tightening the handle a little tighter or probably positioning it to a setting so the water wouldn’t drip. A small drip only gets worse in the long run. It would cost you not just money but valuable water, as well.

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Why do leaks occur?

Why do leaks occur?

There’s water leaking under the kitchen sink. Considered to be the hardest to detect, a water leak under the sink can actually go unnoticed for months on end, especially when you do not maintain a plumbing check-up and repair schedule for your system. Aside from being the most difficult to notice, a leak under the sink is also the most destructive. Over time, the wasted water can damage the floor, causing a more extensive, not to mention expensive damage to your home. Most of the time, a leak under the sink can be caused by loose water or drain connections. It’s always better to have your plumbing system regularly checked out in order to detect these kinds of issues as soon as possible.

Loose water supply connections. Basically, you have around three water supply connections that need checking from time to time. First, there are the shut-off valves that connect to the water supply pipes, which can cause a leaking incident if it’s damaged or worn-out. These shut-off valves then connect to the water supply tubes that may also cause leaking if it becomes loose or damaged. Lastly, the water supply tubes connect to the faucet itself. A loose supply tube likewise contributes to a leaky faucet issue.

Loose drain connections. As already established, not all leaking problems will originate from the faucet itself. It could actually come from under the sink, which is relatively caused by a loose drain connection. A little tightening just might be the key for this particular mishap, but so you can have it done properly, get the services of a professional plumbing service provider. Whether it involves the P-trap or the drain opening, La Porte Local Plumber has the right tools and methods to address your situation immediately.

Worn out faucets. If you’ve been living in an old home, chances are the faucets and sinks are old-fashioned, too. Very old faucets mean that most of the parts have become corroded already. Not to mention loose. Once the parts have succumbed to corrosion, tightening the tubes or valves won’t be possible anymore. The sink drainers and the unit itself may also become worn out over the years. When this happens, only a replacement is the apt answer.

Leaky faucets are not just simple issues. It may just be the effect of a bigger issue within your plumbing system. Let La Local Porte Plumber help you. Call us now and we’ll schedule an inspection right away.

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